A Letter from Casa Duniya

Covid has changed the way people socialize.  In Hong Kong, specifically, we have endured restaurant restrictions since early 2020.  To circumvent these restrictions, people have started hosting at home.

Imagine eating delicious, elaborate, well-executed dishes from around the world.  Now imagine eating them off the regular plates you utilize in your daily at-home dining.  The food does not seem as appealing, especially when you are trying to recreate your favorite restaurant experiences.  Eating well encompasses all the senses – the delectable aromas, vibrant colors, soothing sounds, multi-textured palates, and wide array of tastes.  Casa Duniya enhances the at-home dining experience by creating a setting for these encounters.

When curating for Casa Duniya, it was important to focus on balancing a practical lifestyle with special items to elevate each dining experience.  I thought carefully both through places I have visited and dreamed of visiting, and collected items which I thought could take me away, even if only for one meal.

Most of the items I have procured are hand-made and some have been made specifically for me.  Each of them is unique and tells its own story.

It has been a fascinating experience working with people in different parts of the world.  There have been some setbacks due to Covid restrictions worldwide, but that did not inhibit these passionate and driven artisans from creating beautiful pieces.

Being a mother of opinionated children, I have been reminded on many occasions about how important it is to consider the environment and think about their future. I have strived to keep Casa Duniya's packaging as eco-friendly as possible by utilizing only natural materials where possible.

I hope you enjoy shopping as much as I have enjoyed assembling different collections. Let me bring the world to your home.

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