Bringing Travel and Culture Home

More often than not, the best way to get to know a place and its culture is by spending a considerable amount of time there. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us long for travel and adventure. Obviously, we're not alone.

This is why a few days ago, we asked visitors on social media what they particularly miss about traveling. Here were some of the most interesting and insightful answers we received.

  • Definitely missing getting a souvenir I can take home!
  • I miss trying to learn the basic language of which country I'm going.
  • I miss shopping at nice airports.
  • The thrilling feeling of discovering a place and immersing yourself in it.
  • Definitely the food! There's nothing like authentic and exotic tastes.
  • Getting lost but finding something nice along the way.
  • Love the weather, and scenic routes.
  • The planning.
  • The culture. The food!
  • The vibe.
  • Learning new culture and meeting new people.
  • The sense of being away from my "real life"
  • The surprises, food, new perspective, and the feeling of accomplishment. 

While we are sure you resonate with a lot of these sentiments, on the brighter note, this longing has made us rethink how we spend time in our personal space.

Conjure up memories of your favorite places from Indonesia to Turkey with Casa Duniya. Let's reimagine our travels by bringing home handmade goods inspired by cultures from around the world.

Find our latest collection called Dahlia here. Casa Duniya now ships Asia-wide. 


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