Welcome to Casa Duniya, your destination for hand-selected home decor and accessories designed to make you feel transported. Every piece in our collection has been thoughtfully created by artisans to embody peace, harmony and the richness of different cultures from all around the world. 

Redefining the modern home, we draw our inspiration from our own wanderlust and the incredible importance of togetherness. Casa Duniya is for those that value intentional living, elegance and simplicity. Join us in creating spaces that foster positivity and bring the richness and warmth of the world to your home.

Casa Duniya was founded by Divya Tourani, based out of Hong Kong. Divya has always been passionate about design, travel, and the diversity of rich cultures around the world. Her love of exploration and eye for beautiful design inspired her to start a platform that brings the best traditions from all over the world and make them available to online shoppers. Whether it’s that beautiful pot that you saw while on vacation but could not bring back with you, or a fascination with a place you’ve never been to before, Casa Duniya makes it available to you. 

Through our vast artist and supplier network, we source truly unique and creative pieces that you can use every day or just for special occasions. We are committed to our mission of enriching your space at home with the highest quality design pieces from all over the world.